Little Neck 2020 Female Suit

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The 2020 Little Neck suit is a Speedo Powerflex Eco material that will hold up well while stretching to fit every swimmer comfortably.

Your Purchase Options include:

1. Come see us at Little Neck Swim & Racquet Club on Sunday, April 26, from 1pm to 4pm at the annual Open House. We will have deals on practice suits, goggles and take orders for personalized caps which will close on May 1.

2. Come to Aquawear and purchase the team suit in the store. You will receive team price on the suit and have access to our amazing selection of goggles, caps & accessories. Personalized cap orders will be taken through May 1.

3. Order the suit online and it will be shipped to your home - shipping fees apply. If you are unsure of sizing we highly recommend you bring your child to the sizing or in the store for proper fitting.

Aquawear is located at 434 Newtown Road in Virginia Beach.